Monday, September 8, 2008

It's been so loooooong!

Goodness gracious me, where did the summer go? Having to pull double shifts at work has meant leaving home when it was still dark out and getting in the door long after the sun had set. Then suddenly the kids are telling me it's back to school. WHAT?! But I haven't seen you all summer! How could that be? But it's true. My eldest, who apparently never left her pit of a room actually saw the outdoors and was not impressed. Kara, of the pierced nose this summer, is entering her first year of high school and has already been invited to become a cheerleader. "Yeah Team!" My other three little critters couldn't wait to tell me about the summer vacations of their friends (one went to Argentina, one toured Europe and one went to Mars, though I could be wrong about that. They were all talking at once).
My craft work has suffered as well. I've made some bags over the summer, but nowhere near the kind of output I wanted, and don't get me started on Vicky's Avatar Blanket, now a month and a half late! Her birthday was in July! How embarassing! And now I need to start planning everybodies Christmas gifts! I try to make everybody a little something to go along with their storebought gift (the husband likes to be involved in the giftgiving and he doesn't craft much).
Well, with the summer season coming to a close, I'm hoping that work will slow down for a few weeks. Maybe I can get some of my life back.....Yeah right!