Tuesday, May 20, 2008

It's been SOOO long!

I know, I know. Two weeks without writing. I've been busy, okay?! I finally got a job interview last weekend...didn't get it. I was bummed. I finally got my etsy shop up and running...not bites yet. I'm bummed.So to cheer myself up, I'm showing off my pets!

First is Symba, tough and mean on the outside, cuddle monster on the inside.
Second is Lady. The epitomy of cathood. We are here on her sufferance.
Last is Sheldon. He's actually in a temporary plastic bin in this shot and is attempting the great escape. You know, when we got him, he was the size of a Toonie and now he's as big as a dinner plate!

And then these are some of the bags I've been working on. I really need to get better pictures though. These didn't come out very well at all. The last two (Star Messenger and Butterfly Messenger) are for sale.


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