Friday, April 11, 2008

I just realized that anyone reading my last post wouldn't understand what it was all about.

Well, with the new season and my pending birthday, I've realized that I really need to start getting my crafting things out there into the real world. I'm opening an Etsy shop, but I want those things that I sell to be my absolute best (not an easy task for a perfectionist). It means that I'm spending a lot of time with my sewing machine, and we're already no longer on speaking terms. I figured that maybe writing a blog about the crap I'm going through might be a good way to seperate myself for a little while from that threaded demon.

To totally change the subject, I'm going to show you some dolls I've sewn recently. I got the pattern from Craftster, a great sharing site. You should try it. The creator is ghillie, who is a genious!
This one is my very first. Not my favourite, but Pinky is still very cuddly!
Sorry her picture is sideways! Someday I'll learn to post this stuff properly! Ayway, this is Marie. She's the good girl of the group. She has another dress, a little more revealing, but I made the sleeves of her blouse too tight and now they don't come off too well. I think she's just too much of a prude to wear the strapless!
And last, but not least, this is Cleo. I call her the Purple Kitty Harlot. I probably shouldn't. It must affect her self esteem. I keep picturing her leaning against a lamp post, smoking a cigarette. Origanally, when I first put on her hair, I thought rastafarian dreadlocks, but when I tried out the dress pattern for the first time, she screamed out for a matching hat and she became my tough kitty.

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